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Why Choose Seacoast Cleaning

seacoast home cleaningSeacoast Cleaning has been serving residential and commercial clients for over two years. We are a small company with a very simple and focused business plan. Offer quality, affordable cleaning service to our customers. Whether you are a home owner with no time on your hands, or a business owner trying to keep your employees focused on the important work.

At Seacoast Cleaning we believe in honest and open communication between clients and ourselves. Forming solid business relationships is important. This allows for both parties to keep each other informed and prepared. We believe this type of relationship with our customers helps us solve problems before they happen. Making every ones experience pleasant, and your property sparkling clean.

Sometimes smaller is better. Kristin is personally involved in almost every job, and your cleaning crew will always be the same. We want our customers to get to know us, and our cleaning crews. That just is not possible when the crew is always different.  We are dedicated to keeping you happy, by cleaning your house efficiently, and to your standards. With the same cleaning crew, efficiency is superior, and standards are met.

We understand that times are changing, and costs are going up. Seacoast Cleaning always works with our customers to tailor a cleaning regime that fits within your budget.  Our scheduling and service are completely customizable, giving you the ability to rotate tasks, or per visit length.  Seacoast Cleaning also offers organizing service, and consultations on ways to keep your house clean without losing your mind.

Seacoast Cleaning wants to clean your home or business, Give us a call and schedule an estimate.  We will work out an amazing quote for cleaning your property, And if you decide you want to try Seacoast Cleaning as your cleaning company. Mention this article and receive 10$ off your first cleaning.

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