Residential Cleaning Service

Seacoast cleaning is fully insured, and ready for any job! Is keeping your home clean and organized consuming too much of your time? We can do as little or as much as you want. Pet hair everywhere? Dishes piling up? We’ll take care of it. We’ll do everything from laundry to cleaning out the garage. Remember the dining room table, the new storage area where you once shared meals? No problem. We can help organize and de-clutter or motivate you to clean out the hallway closet. We’ll get every nook from your baseboards to the ceilings, including under the couch and bed. Are you sick of those papers piling up in the study? Or the mess of cleaning supplies under the sink? Does your junk drawer have pieces from an appliance that broke 10 years ago? Are your pantry shelves haunted by canned goods with labels of stores that no longer exist? Let us help clear out the clutter making space in your home and life for more important things.

 Seacoast Residential Cleaning

Basic Cleaning Tasks Completely Customizable:

All Rooms

• Remove Cobwebs
• Pick Up and Organize
• Dust Light Fixtures Within Reach
• Dust Decorative Items
• Dust and Vacuum Furniture
• Vacuum Floors and Carpets
• Vacuum/Mop Stairs
• Clean Glass Door Surfaces
• Mop Hard Surface Floors


• Clean Tables and Chairs
• Clean all Hard Surfaces
• Clean Front of Appliances
• Clean Sink and Faucets
• Clean Range Top
• Remove Trash


• Clean Cabinets Exterior
• Clean Counters
• Clean Mirrors
• Clean Sink and Faucets
• Disinfect Toilet, Tub and Shower
• Hand Wash Floor around Toilet
• Fold Towels and Remove Trash

Deep Cleaning Tasks

All Rooms

• Dust Windowsills
• Wash Windows
• Clean Light Switches
• Spot Clean Walls
• Walls Top to Bottom
• Dust Window Blinds
• Fold and Wash Laundry
• Dust Ceiling Fans and Light fixtures
• Remove Trash
• Change Beds

Kitchen & Bathroom

• Hand or Machine Wash Dishes
• Put Away Dishes
• Clean Inside Oven
• Clean Inside Microwave
• Clean Inside of the Refrigerator & Freezer
• Clean Cabinets Interior and Exterior
• Remove Hard Water Stains


• Dust Baseboards
• Clean under beds and furniture
• Hand wash
• Deep Scrubbing
• Edge Carpets
• Shampoo Carpets


Seacoast Cleaning Organizing

 Organizing Tasks

• Office
• Pantry
• Garage
• Basement or Attic
• Under the Sink
• Cabinets
• Refrigerator
• Closets
• Removal and Donation




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